What do a heavy duty crane and a precision scale for weighing medication have in common? Quite simply, the technical documentation is created by the technical writers at 2W. As a full service provider for technical communication, we have been explaining specialised, complex matters clearly and comprehensibly since 1998. Our technical writers have practical experience and are well acquainted with the myriad processes and needs of our customers. They combine a clear methodology with established didactic knowledge. The result: Technical documentation that leaves no question unanswered. Always true to our motto: Theoretical. Practical. Technical.

Technical documentation
Technical documentation

Technical authoring

We create, visualise, translate and publish structured and non-structured documentation with all common editors – including online and as XML, for print and mobile applications. Our portfolio comprises:

  • Repair and maintenance manuals
  • Instruction and operating manuals, quick start guides
  • Assembly and installation manuals
  • Service information
  • Installation instructions, programming and parts assembly
  • Training documents including online and computer-based training

It goes without saying that our technical documentation meets all relevant statutory specifications. We also provide effective support aimed at the target group with customer communication, marketing, sales, service and training.

Technical documentation

Authoring systems

We have been relying on powerful authoring systems for years to make our processes more efficient. Thanks to our experience in dealing with a variety of systems, we can offer you:

  • Significant savings in authoring and translation
  • Increase in documentation quality and consistency
  • Quicker lead times
  • Advice on editorial process and system introduction
  • Expertise in the systems Schema ST4, Cosima Go!, TIM, SMC, and others on request
Technical documentation

Analysis of your technical documentation

We review any documentation you already have on the basis of the applicable legal and normative foundations for completeness and ease of use. In our detailed analysis of the test results we propose specific solutions and point out practical potential for optimisation.

We analyze your documents concerning:

  • Structural concept
  • format
  • terminology
  • translation
Technical documentation


Even in the era of the paperless office, there are statutory rules that make printed manuals necessary. Our experts from CMS, DTP & Print develop functional and user-optimised layouts based on your CI that are pleasing and effective both digitally and in printed form. If necessary, we will also assist you with any issues relating to printing, up to and including supervision of your entire publication.

Technical documentation

Risk assessments

Risk assessments
Working closely with your design engineers and project managers, our risk assessments follow a standardised process that guarantees objectivity, is resource-efficient and ensures the legal security and market compliance of your products. Research into directives and standards included.

Technical documentation

Usability testing

The mandatory components of technical documentation are specified by the legislature. But do they meet your expectations in terms of quality and practical usability? In cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Sciences, we perform usability evaluations for you in order to find out more about the user friendliness and application of your technical documentation. Using the latest scientific methods and techniques, such as eye tracking, we study how target groups use your technical documentation in typical use cases.

Technical documentation

Basic and in-depth training

We convey knowledge through effective and didactically optimised teaching concepts in aftersales training, fundamental technical training and e-learning courses, which your employees will enjoy and which make all participants more successful. Do you want knowledge to be available at any time? We can create training documents, graphics and interactive training courses tailored to your needs.

Technical documentation


Korbinian Beyer
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