2W is combining its two areas of expertise: technical and marketing translation

2W and Sprachmarkt merging into 2W Sprachmarkt

(Munich, Düsseldorf, 01.08.2017) 2W GmbH has been successfully offering translations and language services for
technology-focused customers from the automotive, plant engineering and mechanical engineering sectors since 1999.
The portfolio was expanded to include advertising and marketing in 2006 by introducing the Sprachmarkt service brand.

Now, both areas will be combined, thus pooling their expertise. Consequently, 2W Sprachmarkt offers the best of both
worlds: Technology and creativity Whilst doing so, emphasis on top-class personal service as a shared success factor
continues to remain the focus.

Ramona Kraus, Head of Translation Department:

‘We are constantly developing further, just as our clients are. Nowadays, a tool parts manufacturer values a professional
advertising image and brand identity just as much as any fashion company from the premium sector. At the same time,
our clients from the field of advertising and marketing are no longer just building upon our quality of language, but also
value us a skilled partner with expertise concerning processes and content or product management systems.

Both of our translation domains have already spent a long time working together closely. However, merging under one
shared name has allowed us to form even better synergies and utilise the specialised skills of our employees to the
advantage of all our clients.’

User guides, flyers, websites or product information – 2W Sprachmarkt’s realignment covers a wide-ranging portfolio
of translation services. Find out more at www.2wgmbh.de/sprachmarkt.

Ramona Kraus
Head of Department 2W Sprachmarkt
Waldmeisterstraße 79, 80935 Munich, Germany
+49 (0)89 520 355 29

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