Your advertising and marketing texts are about more than just pure facts. They contain messages that need to be delivered. In a very specific tone to achieve a specific effect with your target audience. But for this to work in other languages, you need somebody who understands you and thinks like you: your 2W Sprachmarkt twin. Your personal contact, who will ensure that your message comes across well worldwide.

Marketing translation

2W Transcreation: your core message tailored for success

Do you want your claims to wow your target audience? That’s a job for 2W Transcreation. Tell your Sprachmarkt twin what you want from your translation. They’ll be sure to put a smile on your face with claims that reach your target market and target audience with the desired effect. Your core message, just in other words.

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Marketing translation

2W Adaptation: your voice with an international accent

A correct translation alone is not enough to make your website, social media posts, press releases or newsletter texts successful. Your target audience needs to be touched by the emotion you intend to convey and understand the intention, as well as the content of your translated text. For this reason, we add creative finishing touches to our translations.

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Marketing translation

2W Localisation: ready to be released to the world

We "know how" in every language. We are familiar with standard content management and shop systems. So we can process your texts efficiently and at minimum cost. Our tailored interface solutions ensure fast data exchange. Naturally, our localisation services also include SEO and SEA, both of which are vital to ensure potential customers quickly find your company, products or services online. In other words, we pretty much preprogram your international website for success.

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Marketing translation


Katrin Goldenstein
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