As a medium-sized company we believe in innovation and development. We don’t just talk about the continuous improvement process, but we implement it anew every day and include our employees wholeheartedly: According to the motto "2W idea" we introduced an employee suggestion system in 2012 because the best ideas often arise in day-to-day practical work.

Since we regard our employees as people with all their facets, for us the phrase 'work-life balance' is not just a slogan but everyday practice. For example, lots of our colleagues benefit from the flexibility of modern part-time jobs.

Our employees are strongly encouraged to satisfy our high standards of quality: For example through individual training or part-time courses that bring their personal skills in line with the demands of the market. We strengthen ownership and thus the motivation and efficiency of our teams using modern project and management tools.

Both our staff and our clients benefit from this interdisciplinary approach. We have eliminated rigid hierarchies and built up a strong, powerful corporate network.

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Hagen Kempf
Hagen Kempf Head of Human Resources +49 89 520 35-0