Whether line drawing or photorealistic 3D representation – we are not only accomplished designers, we are also always at the cutting edge of technology. We make complex relationships and methods easily understandable by means of clear visualisations. We are happy to work in close cooperation with our customers. For example, we worked with an automotive manufacturer to develop rescue cards that show emergency services what they need to consider with regard to the vehicle in an accident. This saves valuable minutes which could save lives. 

Graphics and visualisation

Our strengths

3D animations

  • Product demonstrations
  • Utility films
  • Educational films

3D graphics

  • Photorealistic presentations
  • 3D information graphics

Classical technical illustration

  • Line drawings based on 3D data / photographs / sketches
  • Exploded views
  • Function diagrams
  • Assembly and operating instructions
  • Pictograms
Graphics and visualisation

Videos & animations

Our work takes you on a virtual journey – for example through an engine. Mechanics in a workshop can thus get to the root of a problem with the help of animations, without having to disassemble the vehicle. We are specialists in the processing of CAD data, surface texturing, design and storyboarding, animation of camera and product and rendering in 2W's own render farm.

Graphics and visualisation

3D graphics / photorealistic renderings

We design photorealistic product illustrations based on CAD data. These are used for example for full 3D spare parts catalogues or for marketing materials and appearances at trade fairs. Our everyday work includes the reconstruction of missing parts, the design of sectional views, the allocation of surfaces and lighting, renderings, image processing and a variety of illustrations. If there are any components missing in the CAD data, our illustrators can 'recreate' them very easily.

Graphics and visualisation

Vector graphics

From our customers' simple sketches, photos, technical drawings or CAD data, we create high-quality line drawings that are then adapted and positioned in our vector programme according to customer guidelines. We then create an entire spare parts catalogue on this basis.

Graphics and visualisation


Ian Hunt
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