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Premium electric bikes need a premium website. Riese & Müller achieved this with its major relaunch in 2016. The headline is a play on words and the text is as dynamic as cycling itself, peppered with the necessary technical details.Very often the entire gamut of marketing translation skills comes into play here. After all, the text shouldn’t lose anything in translation: the headline is transcreated, the text adapted to the target markets, and the use of the client’s corporate language checked by our system.

Over and above creative copywriting, this remit also involved five language versions for 19 target markets. Different regulations and technical specifications apply to electric bikes depending on the target market they are destined for. It was clear that we needed to minimise the translation cost of the many model changes on the extensive Riese & Müller website – so the technical data and prices were localised, but the copy was not adapted into the regional languages.

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