We specialise in one of the most innovative and technologically advanced industries: the automotive industry. Along with our broad service portfolio, this specialisation helps us to support our customers with a proven understanding of the complexity of the market, its special features and mechanisms that determine success. From product development to series production, we are by your side with our experience, and we also take care of sophisticated products over their entire life cycle. Mastering complex IT systems as well as quality-based process and project management are indispensable for meeting the high expectations of B2B and end clients when it comes to quality and deliverability. This applies worldwide to the vehicles themselves and equally to their supply with professional services, accessories and spare parts.

Business Management After Sales
Business Management After Sales

Automotive project and product management

For years we have been supporting manufacturers and system partners in the automotive industry with our professional services in data, parts and product management. You benefit from our high technical evaluation expertise, our experience in goal-oriented project planning within group structures and synergy effects thanks to integral product management, product support, parts technology and technical support.

Business Management After Sales

Aftersales product management

In our projects we take on responsibility for planning, designing and publishing the sales parts catalogue for the global aftersales market over the entire product life cycle. The definition of the catalogue is aimed at the interests of the respective OEMs, the dealer organisation and the customer. This includes the assessment and evaluation of the process parameters of cost-effectiveness, market requirements and conditions, supplier situation (including relationship building) and technical feasibility. Our all-encompassing project management and project support also includes decisions on illustrations and publications of the sales parts catalogue for the global aftersales market.

Business Management After Sales

Product development for accessories and aftersales

Our core competencies include the development, integration, safeguarding and documentation of innovative and complex product solutions for accessories and aftersales in the premium vehicle segment. 

In close cooperation with our customers we ensure a continuous realisation of products that are optimally tuned to the respective vehicles. We take care of design and manufacturing support, along with installation, function and approval tests in our fully equipped workshops – including support for air-conditioning / auxiliary heaters, aerodynamics, transportation systems, navigation systems, infotainment and personalised optional extras.

Our standard repertoire includes, for example, the development and modification of control systems, adaptation and redevelopment of cable harnesses, development of mounts and brackets, integration of accessory components into the interior and exterior, production of sample parts and prototypes and the creation of BOMs. We also supply the associated documentation for workshops and the end customer – including translation into all languages required. Naturally, we use your layout specifications and will also create the documentation in your authoring system on request. 

Business Management After Sales

Special services

Service repair packages
Vehicles contain wearing parts and vehicles have to be repaired. In order to design more efficient service and repair processes for the customer, we research a wide variety of spare parts for a whole range of vehicle models, bundle them together in service repair packages and validate the associated technical documentation. As a result, the dealer can quickly give their customer information about costs and service life of the vehicle and rely on the correctness and completeness of the individual parts. We draw on our years of experience and technical competence in the practical and cost-effective design of service and repair processes. 

Harmonised fault diagnostics
From automotive to plant engineering – our contribution to your quality assurance: We combine a wide variety of research sources and ensure the consistency of all work-unit terminology in our customers' repair manuals and parts catalogues. This avoids serious mix-ups during servicing. 

Business Management After Sales


Bernhard Maurer
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