At 2W Sprachmarkt, you’ll find everything you need in terms of internationalisation and translation, whether you require operating manuals, advertising banners or websites: always with our official motto: “Theoretical. Practical. Technical.” in mind. At Sprachmarkt your personal Project Manager will understand the translation requirements of your documents and guarantee the correct process. We deliver linguistic quality as a matter of course: our specialist native speaker translators are proficient in the fine nuances of industry-specific marketing, advertising, business, technical and legal terminology. Sprachmarkt offers personal service when it comes to foreign languages.

2W Sprachmarkt

Our services

  • Translation into over 35 languages
  • Proofreading in German and all foreign languages
  • Adaptation of promotional material for international target markets
  • Desktop publishing
  • Certifications

Our qualifications

  • Certification: ISO 9001:2015
  • Certification: DIN EN ISO 17100
  • Certified TIM translation service provider
  • SCHEMA ST4 Bronze Partner
2W Sprachmarkt

Website translation

Websites can often be extensive and complex, and particularly technical if they incorporate an online store or dealer portal. Linguistically complex – but also because of the diverse types of text, ranging from slogans or advertising text to product descriptions and operating instructions.

The requirements governing translation into different target languages are just as exacting. We ensure that the content of every website is correct – both linguistically and technically – without sounding translated.

2W Sprachmarkt

World Wide Success

Your website should succeed in all languages, which is why we put together a team of translators specific to every individual project. Our specialist translators guarantee high standards of quality and our project managers ensure that the schedule is also adhered to.

We are conversant with all popular CMS and online shopping systems (e.g. WordPress, Typo3 or Drupal) and can offer advice, at the same time as setting up processes or interfaces for localisation plugins. When doing so, we work directly in your back end or cooperate closely with your web agency.

2W Sprachmarkt

Translation of technical documentation

We grew up with technical documentation and this kind of translation comes very easily to us. Apart from their linguistic expertise, our specialist translators also have in-depth technical knowledge and expertise, and use both to produce precise, understandable and easy-to-read texts – operating or instruction manuals, service documentation, installation and maintenance instructions, technical data sheets or product information.

2W Sprachmarkt

The best technology for the best technology

Our clients come from all sectors of machine and plant construction, electrical engineering and consumer goods. We also rely on state-of-the-art technology: Adobe FrameMaker, MS Office or XML content management systems (including TIM, SCHEMA ST4 or SMC) – we feel at home in all the popular formats.

Our translation memory (TM) systems also deliver greater efficiency and consistent terminology. Our Project Managers take responsibility for the seamless processing of all work, and also act as personal contacts for the client.

2W Sprachmarkt

Marketing translation

You could describe the work ethic of our specialist marketing translators as follows: as precise as necessary and as free as possible. On the one hand, the message and content of the texts need to remain identical in the target language, but they cannot be translated 1:1 on the other hand. This applies in particular to creative work, such as slogans that involve a play on words. Following the client briefing, we define an individual process for every project and constantly liaise with our client throughout all phases of a project to ensure that we achieve the right tone and style.

2W Sprachmarkt

Globally orientated – locally optimised

Apart from translations, we also offer target language proofreading, transcreation and editorial writing, utilising all the common formats: Adobe InDesign, MS Office and content management systems. We manage your promotional and advertising material right through to the finished print product, including foreign language setting and print management. Our services for advertising, press and communication agencies or internal marketing departments include:

  • SEO/ SEA
  • HTML, Typo3, HTML, apps
  • Catalogues, brochures, flyers, questionnaires
  • Headings, slogans, advertisements, eye-catchers, banners, posts
  • Posters, fanfolds, smarticles, press releases, press folders, news articles
2W Sprachmarkt


Ramona Kraus
Ramona Kraus Head of Technical Translation +49 89 520 35-529
Katrin Goldenstein
Katrin Goldenstein Head of Marketing Translation +49 211 749 50-237