Music connects cultures – 2W is supporting a musical education project meant to aid refugee regions

Munich, Germany, June 20, 2021 – 2W Technische Informations GmbH & Co. KG is pleased to report about a very special campaign. MUSIC CONNECTS helps young people in refugee regions cope with the trauma they have suffered due to fleeing and being displaced.

MUSIC CONNECTS is a voluntary campaign by an eight-person team made up of professional musicians and experts from different business sectors.

The project brings music and artistic content to refugees, their hosts, the employees of aid organisations in regions in the world where traditions and culture are not able to be practised much and risk disappearing.

It all began with a series of concerts and playing music together in select regions. In the second phase, MUSIC CONNECTS is now promoting the long-term musical training and cultural development of children and adolescents on site. The organisation is thus making a contribution to integration, internal cohesion, and trauma relief.

2W Managing Directors Uwe Düring and Michael Süßl commented on this commitment:

‘We didn’t hesitate to join the MUSIC CONNECTS initiative and we support it with the translation of its website and informational materials. Our translation professionals from 2W Sprachmarkt combine the technical and emotional dimension of language with a fine feeling for relaxed interpersonal and intercultural communication.
We at 2W thus very much look forward to effectively supporting MUSIC CONNECTS and raising awareness about this initiative in order to attract further supporters.’

With its commitment to MUSIC CONNECTS, 2W also joins the ranks of prominent sponsors such as the Bavarian State Opera, the Goethe-Institut, the German Federal Foreign Office, and the UN Refugee Agency.

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Jan Riedel / Manager of Customer Care & Business Development

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