Language that moves people

High-performance translation for the bike industry

We deliver high-performance translations to meet your individual requirements, enabling the power of your brand to unleash its full potential on the international scene.

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We tailor individual processes and interfaces

to your individual projects and workflows

We use cutting-edge language technologies

to guarantee consistently high quality, at the same time saving you time and money

Excellent employee satisfaction

and minimal staff turnover is a valuable constant in our relationships with our customers

Partnerships with over 500 top translators

working in 40 languages supporting you in your project with precisely the right language professional

Your personal project managers

are all qualified linguists who are exceptionally organised and retain a 360-degree view of all your projects

As a proactive service provider, we regard ourselves as a partner and adviser to our customers

and don't just work 'by the book'

We have developed specialist marketing translation processes

in-house to ensure that your brand is correctly communicated and is successful worldwide

Our quality management system is certified

to ISO 9001:2015, our translation processes certified to ISO 17100:2015, and our data and information security processes to ISO 27001:2017 and TISAX Assessment Level 3

Excellent customer satisfaction

is the confirmation for our approach and our most powerful growth engine

Specialisation in technology and marketing

and their related processes and issues

Language that moves people

Showcase: Riese & Müller GmbH

The headline is a play on words and the text is as dynamic as cycling itself, peppered with the necessary technical details. Heavy on content and designed to immediately reach and inspire international customers.

Very often the entire gamut of the 2W Sprachmarkt marketing translation skill set comes into play with Riese & Müller:

  • 2W Transcreation 
  • 2W Adaptation
  • 2W Localisation

> More on website localisation for Riese & Müller<

Language that moves people


  • 2W Transcreation – a new look for your corporate slogan
  • 2W Adaptation – pinpointing the right emotion
  • 2W Localisation – for websites, software and store systems
  • Translation into over 40 languages
  • Proofreading
  • DTP & Translation Engineering
  • Specialisation in technical and marketing translations
  • Over 500 specialist native translators
  • Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100:2015, ISO 27001:2017, ISO 9001:2015 and TISAX Assessment Level 3
Language that moves people


We are supporting the Service Plan Campaign X run by BMW Campaigns by proofreading ad pages at short notice, with creative translation of shortcut video copy, transcreative translation of slogans, and "overnight" translation of pitch materials.

Language that moves people

The missing link in your international value chain

Communication is our passion. That's why we created 2W Sprachmarkt, the translation brand of 2W GmbH.

With special solutions for individual marketing translations and the perfect translation of technical information, we help renowned customers from the mobility industry to achieve international market success.

We understand customers, technology and trends and strengthen your international brand presence - with language that moves people.

These customers put their trust in high-performance translation by 2W Sprachmarkt

Language that moves people

Showcase: Webasto "easyway" online magazine

2W Adaptation has proved itself for the target-language reworking of blog copy for "easyway", the Webasto online magazine.

The blog consists of short stories. We retain the same level of excitement in all languages across all 1,500 words. Nothing sounds "translated". The target audience reads the article as if it had been written by professionals in their own mother tongue.

But, of course, all the technical details of the Webasto products need to be correctly translated, and all the content understandable.

Our technology

System-based project management

Our central project management system based on Plunet software ensures efficient and transparent handling of your projects.

Plunet is one of the most high-performance translation management systems available. On request, we can even set up a personal customer portal for you for simple data and information transfer.

We also have interfaces to Plunet available for the seamless integration of 2W Sprachmarkt into your content management and project workflows, or can also develop them together with you.

Translations memories etc.

Nothing can replace the creativity, linguistic feel for the language and knowledge of qualified translators in marketing translations. Nonetheless, even the very best translators can benefit from digitalisation.

Cutting-edge translation databases and workflow systems, such as RWS Trados and Across, are integrated directly into our Plunet working environment.

Content that has already been translated is thus efficiently accessed, checked by the translator, and then either re-used or adapted. It means that your corporate language and translation projects can be checked more reliably and quickly, saving time and money, and delivering reliable and consistent quality.

Leaving our project managers to focus on what really matters: our customers!

Language that moves people

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