Interim staffing solutions – When and where you want it

From a staffing standpoint, your company cannot be equipped to handle all eventualities that may arise. That would tie up too many resources. Salaried employees who are required only for limited periods of time, or to fill in temporarily, constitute a significant cost factor. Wouldn’t it still be nice to have straightforward, ready access to experts in times of need? The solution is interim staffing solutions from 2W. 

Interim staffing solutions
Interim staffing solutions


It enables you to temporarily fill vacancies or cover workload peaks. We provide you with the proper skilled professionals – when and where you want them. After all, our employees are not only flexible in terms of scheduling, but will also travel to where their services are required. You need last-minute support, but lack the necessary working space? No problem – our specialists can assist you remotely from our office. You need on-site support at your location, short- or long-term? Just send us your order! We’ll tend to all aspects of the administrative process on your behalf. Furthermore, we offer interim staffing solutions for all of our service areas – from technical documentation to building and equipment consulting.

Interim staffing solutions

If you’re interested in 2W interim staffing solutions, just get in touch with us:

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